SGILE Robot Toy, RC Programmable Intelligent

SKU: SE220208BU


Intelligent kids rc robot has abundant knowledge.It’s a good option to develop your children’s learning skills.


60 kinds of action command can be combined through the programming button. Helps to stimulate the creativity of your children.


Rc robot has a built-in infrared sensor that follows your gestures,will automatically avoid and retreat when encountering obstacles.


Rc robot toy can play many melodies and songs and dance with different music. Volume on remote control can be adjusted.


Rc robot can be easily charged by using attached USB cable.,it lasts for 120 minutes on a single charge of 120 minutes.


Material: ABS Plastic

Dimensions: 15.5*9*26 cm

Weight: 0.66 kg

Charge time: 80 minutes

Play time: 120 minutes

Recommended age: 6+

Package Include

Remote Control Robot x 1

Remote Controller x 1

USB Cable x 1

Instruction Manual x 1


Q: What age is this Rc robot good for?
A:The recommendation is 6+, but the robot is simple and easy to operate, and younger children can also play under guidance.

Q:Can you use two robots at the same time? Are there frequency issues?
A:If two robots are used in proximity to each other there will be interference - one of the remotes will override the other, alternately.

Q:Does it come with batteries
A:The robot has an internal rechargeable battery you charge.

Q:What size batteries for the remote?
A:The remote requires 2*AAA batteries, they are not included in the package.

Q:How to charge
A:The robot comes with a USB charging cable. You can connect it directly to a computer for charging. It is convenient, energy-saving and eco- friendly.

Q:How long does it take to charge?
A:Charge time: 80 minutes.
Play time:120 minutes.

Q:Can you program it to repeat recorded messages?
A:You can program it to repeat all the movements you've scheduled, including singing and dancing.



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